Despite some punctures, the Russian information machine works quite effectively.

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Despite some punctures, the Russian information machine works quite effectively.

patriotic upbringing


The result of the concept should be the patriotic consciousness of children and a sense of love for the Motherland

New Concept of national-patriotic education

The Ministry of Education and Science presented a new Concept of national-patriotic education of children and youth. The text of the concept is published on the website of the education department. The authors of the concept note that the system of national-patriotic education is based on the idea of ​​the development of Ukrainian statehood as a consolidating factor in the development of Ukrainian society and the Ukrainian political nation. The concept notes that national-patriotic education of children and youth is a complex systemic and purposeful activity of state authorities, public organizations, families, educational institutions, other social institutions to form a high patriotic consciousness, loyalty, love for the homeland in the young generation. concern for the welfare of its people, readiness to fulfill the civil and constitutional duty to protect the national interests, integrity, independence of Ukraine. The most important priority of national-patriotic education is the formation of a valued attitude of the individual to the Ukrainian people, homeland, state and nation. The authors of the concept see ways to implement patriotic education of children and youth in improving the legal framework of patriotic education of youth, the activities of public authorities and local governments, cooperation of public authorities and local governments with civil society, information support of national and patriotic education of children. The concept provides for several stages of implementation of national-patriotic education of children and youth. In particular, in 2015 it is planned to create a legal framework and information and methodological support for the implementation of national-patriotic education. A Center for Patriotic Education will also be established, which will operate under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science, and an information resource dedicated to national-patriotic issues. The second stage (2016-2017) provides for: development of programs, teaching aids for preschool, general education, out-of-school and higher education institutions aimed at patriotic education of children and youth, as well as preparation and publication of scientific- methodical manuals and methodological recommendations on the organization of educational activities, the work of clubs, centers of patriotic education. In 2018-2019, the system of patriotic upbringing of children and youth should be monitored with the help of sociological surveys, questionnaires, and psychological testing. It is also planned to hold scientific-methodical conferences, to create a bank of pedagogical experience, to carry out correction of educational influences taking into account the results of monitoring. The authors of the new concept expect that as a result of the introduction of the system of national-patriotic education the young generation will develop patriotic consciousness and responsibility, a sense of loyalty, love for the Motherland, care for the common good. Another result of the system of national-patriotic education should be the interest of young people in service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, readiness to defend Ukraine and fulfill the civil and constitutional duty to protect national interests and independence of Ukraine in order to become a legal, democratic, social state. The document notes that a necessary condition for the implementation of the concept in practice is a broad discussion of its provisions and tasks, conferences, round tables, seminars, which will update certain issues and objectives, as well as encourage the development of specific measures for their implementation.

patriotic upbringing

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The Ministry of Education advises to hold a competition on this day in educational institutions

Literary competition named after Shevchenko will start on October 18

This school year, the celebrations on the occasion of the beginning of the annual International Literary Competition of pupils and students. Shevchenko will take place on October 18. The relevant decision was made by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Official actions on opening of competition will take place in Nikolaev. At the same time, the education department advises to hold the opening of the competition in Ukrainian educational institutions on this day.

The Ministry of Education reminds that the competition is traditionally held for students of 5-11 grades, as well as for students of vocational education institutions and university students.

Organizing committees and juries must be set up to hold the competition. Tasks for the first stage of the competition will be prepared by the relevant educational institutions in which it takes place, for the second and third stages – by institutes of postgraduate pedagogical education.

Competitive works can include topics related, in particular, to the culture, morals, spiritual values ​​of the Ukrainian people, which contribute to the unification of nations, form a sense of patriotism, optimism and faith in the happy future of the Ukrainian state …

The works can be performed in the Ukrainian language, as well as in the languages ​​of national minorities represented in Ukraine.

patriotic upbringing


To avoid informational impact, you need to have media literacy

V. Gromova: teachers must be protected from propaganda

Author: Victor Gromovoy, educational expert, Honored Teacher of Ukraine.

In a science lesson in the 5th grade, the teacher showed a video clip of a new Russian propaganda project "Live. RF", which outraged one of the parents, a member of the anti-terrorist operation Yuri Kozachinsky.

Of course, there is a simple path that is likely to be chosen by local education leaders: not to protect this teacher, to punish her demonstratively, "so that others would not be offended" and to effectively cover themselves.

I do not agree with the position that such teachers should not be protected. They must be protected! Protect from propaganda! They need to be taught to protect themselves and the children they work with. Of course, it is better to do this before they become repeaters of certain propaganda "messages".

Some of our teachers are disoriented, their actions sometimes lack logic and common sense. They still sit in Russia’s Odnoklassniki and stupidly consume the illusion of truth from Russian political technologists.

The authors of the video clip of the project "Live. RF" carried out an "attack with love" – ​​and the teacher easily fell for this propaganda technology. After all, in this and other videos of Russian propaganda there are words that evoke in the viewer only positive emotions (life, love, peace, happiness, security, freedom …), "correct" aphorisms such as "peace peace" are used, and so on. To see the subtext behind the text is also aerobatics of pedagogical skill.

Dear colleagues-educators, the information war continues. The Kremlin propagandists managed to break down almost all barriers to critical thinking of ordinary Russians and a large part of Ukrainians. Therefore, we urgently need to build protection against hybrid information aggression by Russia, which aims to influence people’s behavior, consciousness and thoughts.

This is not easy to do, because Russian propaganda is constantly mimicking, it is flexible and has no moral barriers. Despite some punctures, the Russian information machine works quite effectively.

To consider the signs of controlled information influence, it is necessary to have at least minimal skills of critical thinking and media literacy.

Needless to say, the vast majority of Ukrainian teachers do not have this.

Needless to say, we are not doing anything to teach them to recognize at least the typical signs of covert manipulation.

If this teacher knew that one of such signs is a situation when there is a clear "pressure on feelings", she would understand that it is better to temporarily "harden", not to succumb to the bombardment of love, and try to understand what is hidden behind this video.

If someone had conducted a media campaign for this teacher, she would have known at least simple answers to difficult questions:

What is the peculiarity of media manipulation?

It is always hidden. If you understand that you are being purposefully influenced, you will no longer be manipulated. Kremlin propagandists are looking for an emotional connection with people, so they reject the facts in favor of emotions, creating a "parallel reality."

Manipulation technologies for the "external consumer" have a subtle effect, lies become clickable, it feeds the existing stereotypes of our people.

Is there a way to protect yourself from media manipulation?

IS! Turn off the TV and get out of their "Classmates" and "Vkontakte". Instead, you need to read more, because in this case you can always put off the text and think for yourself, that is, turn on critical thinking.

Original on the site Educational Policy.

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The Cabinet of Ministers is ready to direct funds to the introduction of new subjects for patriotic education

Groysman proposes to strengthen patriotic education

Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman advocates for the active involvement of young people in the development of the country and the introduction of special subjects of patriotic education of children in schools. The Prime Minister said this during a meeting with the winners of the Prize of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The award is one of the components of government support for talented youth. The award is given for active participation in human rights and political activities, development of local self-government, national-patriotic education, volunteer activities, etc.