The Black Side of Dating Apps for Gay Guys

The Black Side of Dating Apps for Gay Guys

The Quint talked to many homosexual guys whom had faced extortion as a result of users that they had met on dating apps.

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Nonetheless, the person Rohan came across didn’t just take him away for supper. Alternatively, Rohan ended up being robbed, beaten, pressed into a vehicle and taken up to an location that is unidentified he had been gang-raped for 3 days right. Rohan needed medical help to get over the emotionally in addition to actually terrible experience: pipelines had been placed into his genitalia to assist with excretion as their anal cells had sustained harm. At a loss for locations to look for redress, Rohan plunged into despair.

From Casual Supper to Gang Rape.

It started innocuously sufficient: Rohan received a text from a person whom reported, on their profile, to become a 26-year-old homosexual guy. He sent Rohan a few photographs and quickly, the 2 started chatting over the telephone. A later, he asked Rohan to meet him and his friend from Mumbai for dinner mail order bride reviews week. “He said it had been a casual supper, thus I agreed,” claims Rohan.

Rohan had reached the venue that is pre-decided Delhi’s Paharganj once the guy called him to a park near Gole Market, about 1.5 kilometer away. Rohan quickly sensed that one thing had been awry and began operating away, unfortunately a tad too later. (tovább…)

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